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The Complete List Of Papers (Archives).  By Topic. There Is Significant Historical Archive Here, That Is Still Current, On A Number Of Topics.

Mx-Senxtism Ideas

Thought Inspired By Zen Buddhism, Marx And Engels, Marvin Minsky, Thomas Paine, A Gravity Well Interpretation Of The Free Market, Wittgenstein, And A Textual Read Of The US Constitution.


Initial draft.  To be revised, deepened, and continued.  I've explained some, but it should more thoroughly reflect my thoughts and influences over time.  I also have work to do, in domains traversed, and in study, reflection, Zen, writing, and explication.

It is meant to be open to and in the spirit of dialogue from many angles, from the Tea Party ('responsibility and fundamentals, please') to the subtype progressive ('all over the map, with careful and meticulous critique'), from the city to the town to the rural to the village to the tribe.

Further Related Notes, To Expand On Class-Type/Instance-Expression:

All-Inclusive Personal Resource To Develop And Instance

In the above I mention Bernie Sanders.  But I'm actually, it turns out, still subtype progressive as GOP Partchment.  Big tech enables so much, including websites, email, music and video and image protocols, and independent media (free press).  So, perhaps President Donald J. Trump and the GOP can make this happen.  (I''m personally for 1076 CE - Make America Great, and the small as an electron, contains uncountable galaxies -- Tao Te Ching, Stephen Mitchell.  kuteas from Skrt. kutas --> Sanskrit.  Tao Te Ching: Ursula K. Le Guin.)  Structure, dynamic, flexi.  Parameters, 'combinatorial-principle unfolding interconnected relational action-memes' -- my term for my own interpretation of Marvin Minsky's diagrams in his book "The Society Of Mind".

A series of thoughts on a dimensional read to property, and several other significant things including the state, religion, philosophy, society, nature, and the individual.  And of-the subject, thing, and individual, within that context; and, just this world.

Mx-Senxtism: A Dimensional Read To Property, And Then Several Significant And Key Things

Initial Thoughts On Free Trade (and how, perhaps significantly, the U.S. and China might have something deeply meaningful to talk about, including Trump's concerns):

Mx-Senxtism: Preliminary Thoughts On Free Trade

A cautionary view on targeting China, and a more beneficial path; systems; and other thoughts.

US-China Mutual Support, The Pandemic Response, And Systems (And Further Thoughts)

A constructive idea for the functional model, health insurance, and so forth.

Ideas For The American Mx-Senxtist State: The “GOP Replaces ObamaCare 1.0 Act” Bill

Mx-Senxtism And The Chiseled Constitution


The following is meant to extend, clarify, deepen, modernize, and be entirely consistent with the Spirit Of '76 -- in a way the Framers might not have anticipated, but might appreciate.

What Mx-Senxtism Would Append To, Amend, And Update The United States Constitution, In The Standard Manner

Added 2020 August 6


Further Amendment ideas.  The set of these and the others can be extended, and the content debated, and thought through, per standpoint and view, and 'unfolding combinatorial principle interconnected relational action memes' (my term for Minsky's agency ideas), and this very actual world.

Several More Mx-Senxtist Ideas: Several Fundamental Ideas Including House Of Nationalities And Parties And Economic Justice

Added 2020 August 9

More Articles

Society-Economic Theory

The Free Market Gravity Well Visualization — Introduction

MVO (Mental View And Orientation)

Is The Problem The Mentally Ill, As Defined?  An Overview Of The Psych Unit System

Mental View And Orientation -- MVO: Set 1 (Initial Papers)

Political And Informational

Helpful Suggestion:

Prsident Donald J. Trump White House Email Newsletter

From 2017:

Freedom Of Amendment 1 & Amendment  4, & The Powers Of The President, & The Rights Reserved To The States, & The People (& Foreign Nations)

Is Donald J Trump & His Associates Allowed To Talk To Nelson Mandela, If He Were Still Around, Or Archbishop Desmond Tutu, Who Is So?  Is Argentina Permitted As A Matter Of Discussion & Debate?

Federal Agencies:

US Department Of Education -- Transforming Teaching And Leading

I got here from the www.ed.gov home page.  A nice home page.  What a nice website, it looks like.  Clarity, and just the right categories and topics.  I'll have to study more.  This particular page looks like just the right emphasis: the teacher as leader and director of the education, since they are the experts.  Proper, illuminative education is important.  And my own view is that at each level, the child is perfectly suited for that stage type perception and thought-being-standpoint and working salient world.  This continues, with sound training, the right opportunities and resource, and one's own dedicated and free efforts, through all stages of life, in so many ways.

Ideas On The Left

Black Lives Matter

My Own Analytical Review: The George Floyd Situation And The Police; A Review

Black Lives Matter – Structure, Theory, Praxis, Kutasa

The Kenosha Wisconsin Blake Affair, The Police, Situational Potential, Black Lives Matter, And The FBI Charts

Black Lives Matter - Jacob Blake Incident And The Woman And Kenosha; BLM; Analysis; Resources

Current Topics Summer 2020

#AmericaWantsToKnow ‘HealthCare Bernie Sanders’

Analysis: Bernie Sanders ‘Break Up Big Tech’

- - -- - - -

Joe Biden Computer Generated Hologram, in 2020 August


More #ObamaDidThat.YouDidn't Theory And Explication 3402

United States Constitution

We The People, A Free Press, Many Manner Of Expression, Meta-Framework And Manifest Principle

From 2020 (re: 2019)

Vote Suggestion To Enhance White House President Trump Freedom America Ukraine Dialogue And Relations

The Compute-Center Constitution

Representative Federalism


The US Constitution


The Constitution

The Compute-Center Constitution — Paper 1

The Constitution

The Compute-Center Constitution — Paper 2 (Due Process)

The Constitution

The Compute-Center Constitution — Law That Protects Liberty & The Ruin Of ObamaCare


Te Compute Center Constitution

Proposed Amendments (7 Of Them)

Te Chiseled Constitution

NeXTcube: The Chiseled Constitution


Qaddafi Green Book


Qaddafi had some very interesting ideas in a well-thought and meticulous presentation.  He covers his own view of ‘true democracy’ in structure, format, and specifics.  It is at least thoughtful, and worth consideration.  The only significant thing I'd state differently, in his shoes, would be to treat man/woman/child as say male and female archetypes, the significance of the woman in a traditional family in training the child, and then step from there.  (He nearly starts the subject with biology; but I think highly of Plato's statement that "It matters not if one gives birth and another  begets: it is whether each can perform the work of the state" -- merit.  In family, male and female would be important, in their own way: one begets and the other gives birth.  Then, archetype, training, imagery, and so forth.)  I understand that in Libya then, men and women could own businesses, and in university it was 50% men, 50% women.  His analysis of different types of government, economics, and the nation/state/tribe/family, is interesting.  Perhaps, in Qaddafi's Libya, he did not permit enough diverse natural expression.

An Analysis Of Qaddafi Libya

Gaddafi’s Libya was Africa’s Most Prosperous Democracy

A Paper From 2014

The Military War Against Libya 2011


USSR: 1979 Afghanistan

Spatial Is Best -- Number 1


USSR - The Soviet Union - Kruschev

Somebody Built This (SBT Compliant)


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Te Remote Up And Down Force | Te Remote Binding Force

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