We The People, A Free Press, Many Manner Of Expression, Meta-Framework And Manifest Principle

Te United States And The United States Constitution (Foundational Theory)
By Kevin A. Sensenig

2020 September 1

free Press

"we shall appreciate it"

"the world is all that is the case"


a set of objects

a set of axioms, undefineds, givens, statements, and postulates (or, statements)

such as an abstract, or realized in just this world, as an actual abstract-concrete state, apperception, and present-moment [no-thing, no-word, beyond expression, the actual, Mind itself -- or spirit and perception and unfolding perceptual ] ...

United States Federal

Census Bureau

"Everyone In Your [Each] Community Must Be Counted"

2020 September 1 Newsletter

Aha!  What if, also, "Everyone In Each Community Must Be Meta-Counted"

New York Times

30 Years Of Written

Independent Press.  Newsprint shared.  The State.

List all fifty States.


List all five to 30 type perspective-experiential regions within each State.

We The People

A Free State

A Free Press

Statement.  Philosophy.  Meta-framework.  The actual.  The state of affairs, and the world is all that is the case, and the world is a set of facts, not things, and a state of affairs is part of all that is the case, and a state of affairs is an arrangement or actual fact of objects and things.

Each logical statement is independent of another; each thing has connection with each other thing.

The world is all that is the case.  Logical space is infinite.  One can always insert a logical statement into logical space.  Each point in logical space has color.  Each point in logical space represents.  One can form pictures, and a picture represents.

Tractatus Logico-Philosophicus by Ludwig Wittgenstein, Routledge Classics Edition

The United States Constitution by the Framers (all 46+ of them), representative of and on behalf of We The People.  Large type font print.

The Preamble.  The Articles.  The Things (Proper Nouns), and noumenal-concept-actual-Things, to be grasped and understood and discussed.

Of- the Individual, the Free Person, the Family, Tribe, or Group, and the Free Press.  Just this world.

Thus, bookstore online, or in retail store -- books to study, and enjoy; Commerce and a Free Press.  A Publication and Publishing Company.  Music, art, and philosophy; spirituality and religion.

One's own actual working-with, expression, and potential or actual, realized Freedom.


May each person find a way to work with themselves and we-and-the-world in a depth and participant way, and strengthen that in others.

Copyright 2012-2020 Kevin A. Sensenig.